Four Guamote communities receive 3,000 native plants from the “Sow For Life Chimborazo” campaign

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, delivered 3,000 native plants as part of the “Siembra Por La Vida Chimborazo” campaign to the communities of: Galte Jatun Loma, Pull Grande, Pull Quishuar and Pull Manuel Laso de la Regional Board of Drinking Water, belonging to the Matriz and Palmira parishes of the Guamote canton.  

 The objective of the project is to recover the soils, protect the water sources and make Chimborazo green. At the moment it is in its 1 phase of execution.   

“We deliver native plants that will not interrupt the ecosystem that we have always been maintaining, we want to call the humerals when it rains, not only filter, but stay on the surface, in the stems, leaves and roots, it will generate more humidity and the grasslands grow, that is, it will have more humidity ”, indicated Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect.  

The representatives of the communities recognized that this type of action was necessary to protect these areas, which are clearly agricultural and livestock.  

“We are happy with these deliveries to be able to conserve our moors and slopes (…), it will also strengthen our irrigation canals and drinking water,” said Segundo Guaraca, president of the Pull Quishuar community.  

In addition to the native species, 36 barbed wire wheels and 600 concrete posts were delivered. Among the four communities, there are about 700 families that benefit from the management undertaken by the Provincial Government. 

“With the poles and wires, we are going to make our areas safer so that animals cannot enter and step on or damage the sector (…), we are also committed to taking care of and having security,” said José Daquilema, resident of the Pull community Quishuar.   

During the event, a commitment agreement for the conservation of water sources was signed between the Prefect of Chimborazo, each representative of the communities and the President of the Regional Board of Drinking Water.