Free telemedicine to the citizen service of the chimboracenses

Since the quarantine period began due to the health emergency, the medical professionals of the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board of Trustees have treated Chimboracenses through free Telemedicine, providing a timely response to all inquiries.

The patients treated by Telemedicine, according to the medical diagnosis, are referred to the Health Center type “B” of the Board of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, located in the streets España and 10 de Agosto. Katherine Sánchez, obstetrician at the Provincial Board of Health Center, announced that, during the month of August of this year, different citizens with various pathologies have been treated. “All citizen requirements were addressed and resolved immediately, with quality and warmth,” he mentioned. Last month, August, 12 patients were received by the obstetrician of the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, through free Telemedicine, which was implemented thanks to the management of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect.

For more information on health professionals who attend free Telemedicine: Valeria García, general medicine, cell phone, 0979302145; Thaís González, clinical psychology, 0998862140; Luis Naranjo, dentistry, 0995537447, Katherin Sánchez, obstetrics, 0967960305 and Alexandra Pérez, dentistry, 0999191692.