Tungurahua Volcano Geopark, an alternative that promotes tourism and environmental care

In 2010 he started the project that aims to benefit those who -for decades- have been victims of the activity of the Tungurahua volcano, transforming a constant threat to their development, in several aspects, it is the Geopark, which will be recognized by UNESCO , thanks to the geological characteristics of 5 cantons: Guano and Penipe in Chimborazo, Baños de Agua Santa, Pelileo and Patate in Tungurahua.

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, participated in the press conference held in the session room of the Tungurahua Prefecture, in which he highlighted the importance of joining forces so that projects of this nature can be crystallized, he said: “It is It is gratifying that through the sum of efforts between all the actors, we can now make this project a reality, in which Chimboracenses and Tungurahuenses find opportunities for development and economic growth, this is a historic date for the two sister provinces that after almost 10 years will be able to see the Tungurahua Volcano Geopark as a reality ”.

This is an opportunity for the cantons that will belong to the “Geopark” to be a benchmark in national tourism, in addition, it will allow the economy of the affected families to be boosted.

“Now these 5 cantons will be able to exhibit their tourist, gastronomic and artisanal attractions at the national level with international projection” indicated Lourdes Mancero, mayor of Penipe.

The Tungurahua Volcano Geopark covers an area of ​​2,397 km2, and involves 139,678 beneficiaries; This will be the second Geopark in the country and will make a notable difference, due to the unique flora and fauna of the sector.