Provincial Government continues to carry out cleaning tasks in the Guano canton

After the emergency reported by the flood of December 11, 2021, in Guano, machinery and personnel of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, continues with the work of cleaning the debris and channeling the Guano River in the “Los Elenes” spa sector. .

As part of the resolutions of the Provincial COE, the institution was assigned to clean up the “Los Elenes” area; taking into account that the Provincial Government was the first entity that was activated in the face of this adverse event, with its own machinery and technical personnel.

“As a result of the alluvium, one of the slabs of the bridge was raised and left its site (…) cleaning has been carried out 100 meters upstream and 100 meters downstream of the river bed (…) personnel will continue to be sent so that carry out manual cleaning under the slab and thus have the bridge 100% operational,” said Washington Navarro, Director of Public Works for the Chimborazo prefecture.

For his part, Jhonny Galarza acknowledged that the first institution that came to provide help was the Prefecture, he pointed out: “They came directly to clean, to dredge what was affected on the bridge over the Guano River. This bridge has more than 50 years of useful life and has not received due maintenance (…) it is a place with a lot of traffic, since it is a productive sector through which high-tonnage traffic passes.”

The bridge over the Guano River, was affected by the dragging of sediments that compromised its structure and conditions the state of the slab, therefore, only one lane is being enabled and users who travel along that road are recommended to take precautions to avoid accidents.