Chimborazo Prefecture works jointly for the development of the province

The Chimborazo Prefecture delivered the agreements of the different delegations of competence in irrigation and roads in the Guamote and Alausí cantons.

The documents were provided to Delfin Quisphe, mayor of the Guamote canton, where the Delegation of Road Authority is granted to the Municipal GAD to execute the project “Maintenance, scarification and compaction of the road in the community of Tipin San Javier, Parroquia Palmira” and the “Ballasting of the San Pablo de Gramapamba Matri parish road.” In addition, the ballasting and maintenance of the road of the Sanja Loma community, Parroquia Cebadas will be carried out.

The Provincial Government will carry out the inspection of the three projects that will have a validity of six months from the signing of the agreement.

Meanwhile, in the Alausí canton, Rodrigo Rea, mayor of the canton, was given the agreement of Delegation of Competences in roads, to carry out the projects: 1. Construction of the cobblestone in the Azuay Community, belonging to the Achupallas parish 2. Construction of the main cobbled entrance to the Pismaute community of the Sibambe parish.

In irrigation, the GADM of Alausí will repair a section of the Nicaragua, Rio Pagma canal in the Sibambe parish, through a Cooperation Agreement that will last from its subscription until December 31, 2021, and may be renewed if the parties so consider it.

In addition, the project to improve the irrigation system of the San José de Tipín community, belonging to the Tixán parish, will be carried out.