Home visits in Ainche, Chambo canton, carried out by the medical brigade of the Provincial Board

The medical brigade of the Provincial Board of Trustees went to the Ainche community of the Chambo canton to provide specialized and timely care, house by house, to the elderly and people with disabilities.

The professionals of the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board made medico-social evaluations of the elderly and citizens with catastrophic illnesses to determine technical aids and delivery of medicine, according to the pathologies found in the patients.

Assistance was provided to the priority care groups of the Ainche community and chronic degenerative and cardiovascular disease pathologies were found, due to which a wheelchair, canes and medication were quickly obtained to solve these health impediments.

“God pay you for having been kind enough to send the Doctor to my house, thanks to the Chimborazo Prefecture for taking care of our ailments,” said María Zoila Illicachi Flores, 70 years old.

Jorge Quishpe, vice president of the community, highlighted the support that the provincial Board of Trustees is providing. “God bless you for this work that you have been doing, always concerned about the elderly in our community, not the first or the last, but that they continue to visit us because we have many people who need medicine and walking sticks, to move on for good from the province, ”he said.

To conclude, Carlos Gilberto López, son of an adult over 74 years of age, thanked the management of the Prefecture and the provincial Board of Trustees, “thank you very much for attending to the elderly and for this excellent work.”