Improvement of the roads in the communities: Hierbabuena, Pangor and El Tablon of the Juan de Velasco parish, Colta canton.

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, carried out the route of the first phase of work corresponding to the improvement of the roads that connect the communities: Hierbabuena, Pangor and El Tablon, in the Juan de Velasco parish of the Colta canton .

Darío Yumbo and José Yubailla, leaders of the area, agree that “for the first time in history and in a short time of management of the current administration, they have worked on the roads for the 35 communities of Pangor, forgotten in previous Provincial Governments “, he pointed.

In the first phase, 50% of the work has been carried out, with 45 kilometers being intervened at the moment, mainly the maintenance of gutters and ballasting.

Severely damaged sections were found, for 14 years there had been no intervention in any way.

The communities benefited from this work are: Hierbabuena, San Vicente de Pullango, Santa Balvina, El Tablon, Lupaxi, Pucará, La Florida and Huigán.

Juan de Velasco parish is a land of agricultural entrepreneurship and has a large amount of water for irrigation. Here, chaucha potatoes are planted up to 3,200 meters above sea level, also known as the “Pangor potato”, appreciated by merchants. They are also cultivated: beans, mellocos, and barley.

In this place, there are livestock, there are several cheese micro-enterprises.

The joint work between authorities and inhabitants of the area to improve the roads, benefits the inhabitants, who can now take their products to the markets of Riobamba to market them, without intermediaries. Thus they can sustain the family economy, avoiding migration.

At the time of the visit, the works to improve the ditches, ballasting and grading the roads were verified in this first phase. This work benefits 4000 inhabitants of the sector.