The “IRON EMT” started, an event that brings together first responders to demonstrate their skills

In coordination with representatives of paramedics and the “STANFORD” Higher University Institute, the Prefecture of Chimborazo held the official inauguration of the “IRON EMT”, an event that calls for first response teams in emergencies at the local and national level, to demonstrate on stage realistic their capacities to attend the facts that as professionals are exposed.

The event started at 12h00 this Friday and will run until Sunday, November 7 at the “Ricpamba” park in Riobamba, which is aimed at rescue groups, firefighters, paramedics, emergency response groups and students of related careers. .

“It is important to know the preparation they have to attend to emergencies, this is the opportunity to demonstrate all their skills, but above all, we will see teamwork,” said Santiago Bustillos, paramedic organizer of the event.

The tests and scenarios are attached to the reality of any emergency that may arise in a daily day, which are technically planned and directed so that each team can apply the appropriate knowledge, techniques, abilities, tactics and skills, in order to to be able to solve and excel with a high percentage of effectiveness in the adverse situation in which it can be exposed, in addition, it will be possible to demonstrate the ability to work as a team.

“We must emphasize that this event is part of the activities planned within the project” Chimborazo Aventura 2021 – 2023, and that now we are seeing that everything develops as we expected, including many of them exceeding expectations (…) I want to congratulate all the participants for their interest and have confidence that the Prefecture of Chimborazo will always be a support, “said Luis Falconí, President of the Provincial Tourism Management Committee.

The teams that will participate in the “IRON EMT” are:

Climbing Club Central University of Ecuador Quito Metropolitan Control Agents Corps Kawsay Suyay Rescue Corps of tactical doctors and paramedics Ecuador Quinta Erraiz San Juan de Dios Ambato Stanford Higher University Institute Quinta Erraiz Teen Club of CS1 Ambato FERIOBRNI (Ecuadorian Foundation for Immediate Operational Reaction, Search and Rescue) Naval Rescue Force

Each team is made up of five members, all of whom must include at least one female person; The modality that will be applied in this event is known as “boarding school – camp” and in the scenarios exercises and tactics will be applied in urban and rural environments.

At the end, the points will be added and the winners will be announced, the prizes add up to a total of USD 1,000, the main one will be a trophy and the total registration payment for the National Tournament.