Intervención en el río Coco de Pallatanga, evita riesgos considerables en la población

The unusual rise of the Coco River in the Pallatanga canton threatens to destroy several enterprises that, with sacrifice and dedication, are the heritage of the inhabitants of its banks; the increase in the flow is undermining the banks and entering the houses.

Faced with this emergency, the Prefecture of Chimborazo carries out the respective dredging of the river and its channel, the intervention being timely to avoid considerable damage to farmers in the area.

Enrique Naranjo, an inhabitant of the ‘Guaro Yunguilla’ sector, indicated that due to the effects of winter there are landslides, an aggressive rise of the Coco River, which has devastated several enterprises, laying birds, trout pools located on the banks, affirms that the The work carried out by the Provincial Government is key to preventing the inconvenience that affects all residents from continuing to appear.

Residents of the area indicate that they have lived in the ‘Guaro’ sector for around 20 years and are surprised by this natural event that damages everything in its path, as has already happened in other provinces where the floods have devastated their great majority, however, the timely intervention of the machinery of the provincial institution, has returned calm and tranquility to farmers in various areas.

Nelly Vizuete, joined the thanks for the help received, which allows them to save their belongings, their tomato, blackberry, bean, pepper crops, trout and tilapia production, with the arrival on time of the prefecture’s technical team, taking Keep in mind that their products are marketed in the mountains and the coast.

At the moment the machinery of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, attends six emergencies in the ten cantons of the province, in Pallatanga the Coco River, is also channeled at the height of the water park to avoid its flooding.