Road intervention in Cumandá and Huigra improves the quality of life of the population

The Chimborazo Prefecture carries out road improvement works from the Suncamal site, belonging to the Cumandá canton, to the Pangal sector of the Huigra parish in Alausí; There are 17 km of intervention that benefit more than 300 families in the areas of Chilicay, Bucte, Gramalote, Pangal, San Luis, Linge, Palmasola, Cascarillas, Guarumo; improving the mobility of its inhabitants.

“Here we have carried out 70% ballasting and 30% cleaning, in order to give greater consistency and durability to the road, which is the only artery through which the inhabitants of these enclosures can move their products to market them,” said Marco Paguay, Public Works technician of the Provincial Government.

Residents of these sectors recognize that the road works show the new face that the province is taking. “We don’t want to remember the skills we had to go through to get to our enclosures (…) dust in summer, mud in winter and potholes were the main characteristics on these roads,” said Gonzalo Herrera, president of Pangal.

For his part, Adán Puma, a resident of Gramalote, told us how the families in this area suffered to get to Cumandá, he stated: it had been a long time ago and it was very difficult to travel due to the poor condition of the road, thanks to the work being carried out by the prefecture, the road is looking very good and the time is shortened to get there ”.