“Inti Raymi” the festival of the sun and the harvest, thanks to the Pachamama

With music, dances, a festival of typical dishes and an ancestral ceremony, the Prefecture of Chimborazo celebrated the Intercultural Festival “Inti Raymi 2021”, in homage and gratitude to Mother Earth, for the abundance and harvests received in the Andean world.

The event was held in the Yanacocha community, belonging to the Santiago de Quito parish of the Colta canton, where Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, provincial, cantonal authorities of the GAD, parish, representatives of the organizations and communities participated.

This Andean ritual seeks to reinforce that balance and harmonious coexistence between nature and human beings, with offerings, songs, fire, water, incense, an abundance of flowers and fruits.

“These are the values ​​and customs that our people, our province, we cannot lose these traditions of thanking Mother Earth, for what she gives us every day, that is our idiosyncrasy and national identity (…) here are representatives from all sectors, municipalities, parish councils, communities, who are committed to converting Chimborazo into a different province, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

For her part, Martha Chucho, coordinator of Interculturality and Gender Inclusion, detailed the importance of rescuing the culture and traditions of the Andean ancestral peoples. “The purpose is to thank Pacha Mama, for the products that she gives us to feed our families.”

The ritual of the ancestral ceremony was in charge of Ana María Guacho (mama shalva), president of the “Guamán Poma” Foundation, who highlighted the articulated work between the institutions and governments for the benefit of the neediest sectors. “I ask that from this moment we all be guardians of our values, our dignity and the development of Chimborazo.”

At the end of the ceremony, the presentation of the festival of typical dishes was held, in which representatives of Alausí, Colta, Cumandá, Chambo, Chunchi, Guamote, Guano, Penipe, Pallatanga and Riobamba participated, with traditional products from each area.