Chimborazo Prefecture provides support in livestock production to Guamote

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, with the technicians of the Directorate of Productive Development, carry out actions against the emergency of the ash fall from the Sangay volcano, in this case, curing the affected bovines of the Tejar Balbaneda community, sectors; Tejar Herrera, Inmaculada Concepción, Tejar Cumandá Molino and also in the Santa Rosa de Lima community, belonging to the Guamote canton.

Technicians from the Agroveterinary Mobile Clinics applied reconstituents and vitamins to more than 500 cattle in the sector.

“We are receiving the support of the Chimborazo Prefecture, vitamins were applied to the cattle to help them strengthen, since they were bad due to lack of food, I thank the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, for this help because it is really necessary let them help us, ”said Luis Padilla, beneficiary of the Tejar Balbaneda community.

On the other hand, Fredy Orlando Velasco Gaibor, livestock technician of the Directorate of Productive Development, reported that, “B complex is being applied to cattle to avoid stress, and a total compound of B vitamins and other vitamins are being applied to them. animals need. A total of 400 bovines were attended from these five communities of the Guamote canton, ”he said.

And José Galarza, social manager of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, mentioned that, “through vitaminization and deworming, a large part of the province’s cattle is healthy, we are giving good news, by management of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, has made it possible to bring the veterinary caravan to these areas ”.