The Chimborazo Prefecture delivered food and biosafety supplies to the Home for the Elderly of the Penipe canton

Thanks to the solidary decision of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, the Prefecture of Chimborazo delivered 150 food kits, 500 masks, 500 nitrile gloves, antiseptic gel, 60 face visors and a supply of vegetables and legumes to the home “Father Saturnino López Novoa “of the Penipe canton, with the purpose of helping in the difficult situation that this healthcare center is experiencing, where infections by Covid-19 are registered.

Alex Guilcapi, head of the Risk Management Unit of the Prefecture, reported that thanks to the coordination between the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz and the mayor of Penipe Lourdes Mancero, it was possible to arrive with supplies and food for the shelter for the elderly .

The mayor of Penipe thanked and recognized the support of the province’s first authority, given the hard time her canton is experiencing due to the coronavirus. He relieved the management of Prefect Cruz in attending to the health emergency throughout Chimborazo.

The Chimborazo prefecture, in coordination and link with the different levels of governments and citizens, continues to carry out actions throughout the Chimborazo territory in the face of the coronavirus health emergency.