The Prefecture of Chimborazo promotes child development in the province

In the Stone Hall of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, with the presence of Carmen Gadbay, Vice Prefect of the province, Vinicio Chávez, Director of the Provincial Board of Trustees and Rocío Rojas, District Director of the MIES; The inauguration of the 2022 activities was carried out, corresponding to the CDI – ETI and Senior Adult projects, in addition, didactic material was delivered that will benefit 14 care units, in agreement with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion.

This delivery promotes the comprehensive protection of children, youth and older adults from the most vulnerable sectors of Chimborazo. Rocío Rojas, District Director of MIES, stressed that the work in favor of priority attention groups must be inter-institutional and a co-responsibility of all, which guarantees the benefit of the province.

“The MIES has made social investment a priority, which is why 66 million have been allocated for work within the province of Chimborazo,” she said. For his part, Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, stressed that this is the beginning of the 2022 activities and the inter-institutional cooperation agreements, which guarantees care in child development centers for 600 boys and girls.

Likewise, he stressed that the Eradication of Child Labor (ETI) will be strengthened, serving 160 children distributed in two care units, additionally 70 people will be served within the care of the elderly.

Shirley Navas, an educator at the Nuevo Amanecer Children’s Center, indicated that long ago they did not have the appropriate materials to carry out their work, for which she thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, for his work for the benefit of children. Chimboracenses, “these materials will facilitate the work and will benefit the development of the intellect.”

Finally, Carmen Gadbay, Vice Prefect, highlighted the work carried out in the province with priority attention groups and social groups, “with the new structure, joint projects and agreements are promoted that benefit the most needy and we will continue working for the benefit of the entire territory”, he emphasized.