Productivity in Chimborazo is strengthened with irrigation systems in optimal conditions

With the presence of Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, authorities from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, representatives of the beneficiary corporations; In the Santa Isabel community belonging to the San Juan parish of the Riobamba canton, the possession and delivery of the appointment to the board of directors of the Acequia Quishuar irrigation board was carried out.

The event was attended by 500 users of this system, which provides service to the San Juan and Calpi parishes and the Palacio Real community. The Chimborazo Prefecture delivered materials to this irrigation board for lining the canal, an intervention that has been carried out nearly a kilometer away, to irrigate more than 150 hectares of land dedicated to agricultural and livestock production.

“161 cubic meters of washed sand, 235 cubic meters of gravel, 1,782 quintals of cement, we delivered for the lining of the canal, which favors 500 users and 2,000 farmers and ranchers in the area (…) the prefecture has not requested a counterpart for the execution of the works that were carried out with the labor of the beneficiaries in this first phase”, indicated Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo.

For his part, Marcelo Alvarado, General Director of Irrigation of the Provincial Government, pointed out that more than 300 kilometers of lining and pipeline acquisition have been carried out in the province to recover abandoned canals. “I appreciate the collaboration of the users to finish this first phase and thus avoid external hiring, generating savings for the Chimboracenses,” he said.

The users of the project recognized the constant support with the execution of the works. “A long-awaited work and past authorities did not give importance to the rehabilitation of the ditch built in the open, with a dirt floor, full of bushes, delaying the delivery of water to the irrigators,” explained Gerardo Toaza, president of the Acequia Quishuar San Juan Irrigation Board – Calpi.

With this work, it is possible to improve the conduction of water for the plots of the sectors such as: Palacio Real, Calpi Loma, Bayushig San Francisco, Asunción and Paucil belonging to the Calpi parish; Pisicaz, Guabug, La Delicia, Tamboguasha, Chimborazo, Santa Isabel and various associations.