The Pungalá and San Andrés parishes received pipes to improve the Irrigation Systems

Supporting the agricultural and livestock sector of the province is one of the objectives of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, which is evidenced by the delivery of materials to strengthen irrigation systems throughout the territory. In the Pungalá parish of the Riobamba canton, 1,500 meters of corrugated PVC pipe of 400 mm was provided, which will be used to improve the Guarón – Gahuín irrigation project, benefiting more than 350 user families from the Anguiñay communities, San José de Chusga and the San Antonio Agricultural Producers Association.

On the other hand, 4,500 meters of 3-inch black hose were delivered in Pungalá, benefiting 150 families who are users of the Alao Maguazo Irrigation Board, to improve the irrigation of approximately 100 hectares of land. Meanwhile, 972 meters of 400 mm PVC pressure pipe were provided to the San Miguel community of the San Andrés parish, belonging to the Guano canton, which will be used for the improvement of the “María Mayancela” Irrigation Board. than 600 users from the San Miguel, Paquibug, San Gerardo, San Pablo and Choquipogyo communities, who benefit from this management.

“The coordinated work between the institutions is very important for the development of the towns (…) for the benefit of farmers throughout the province,” said Luis Falconí, representative of the Provincial Government.

“The 3 projects benefit about 1,100 families, improving the irrigation of 950 hectares (…) throughout the province, work is being done on lining of channels, cleaning of platforms, technical evaluation of the pipeline, the objective is to provide a better service to our users ”, indicated Marcelo Alvarado, General Director of Irrigation.

For his part, Efraín Allaica, president of the Parish Government of Pungalá, recognized the work carried out by the Chimborazo prefecture in favor of the inhabitants of this area, stated that: “It has been possible to work on roads, Productive Development, Health and other works complementary services that benefit the residents of this important parish of Riobamba ”.