Cleaning of irrigation systems to improve agricultural production in the province

In order to guarantee the proper functioning and improve the useful life of the pipeline of the Chambo – Guano – Los Chingazos Irrigation System, technicians from the General Directorate of Irrigation of the Provincial Government, carried out the inspection and evaluation of this steel pipe that is located in the Guano siphon – phase 2.

The works began in the Langos sector up to the Alacao community with a distance of 3.2 km in length, where the inspection was carried out at the level of cathodic potentiation, supervision of the coating and ultrasound in the aerial sections, verifying the operation of the rectifier, same that was found in good condition.

Angel Ambi, irrigation technician of the Chimborazo prefecture, announced that according to the records available on the pipeline system, it began to work since 1991. “We have carried out two analyzes of which we are taking some conclusions for the work that will be carried out in the future, the objective is to guarantee the service to the 1,300 users of 11 communities of the Guano canton that benefit from this system, irrigating approximately 1,200 hectares ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Carlos Peñafiel, representative of the engineering and maintenance industrial equipment company, responsible for the work, pointed out that he is carrying out a study of cathodic protection by printed current, the verification of the current state and the possible damages that the trajectory of the duct. “We are taking the altimetry (depth that the pipe is buried), since having a good integrity of the pipelines is always a benefit for the community,” he informed.

It should be noted that these works do not interfere with the daily use of water for users of the sector’s irrigation system.