The “Carnivals Closest to the Sun” reactivated the economy of the province

The “Carnivals Closest to the Sun”, reactivated the economy of the entire province with more than a dozen artistic, cultural, corsican events, gastronomic and entrepreneurial fairs; as part of the festive agenda in the 10 cantons.

The activities began on Friday, February 25 in the Chunchi canton, with the presentation of Manolo and Tropicalísima. In Pallatanga, the party was activated with the presentation of Manolo and La Sonora Dinamita, in the Parque del Buen Vivir, with a mobile platform; Friday’s activities culminated successfully, from 9:30 p.m. in Cumandá, in front of the Central Park, Manolo and La Sonora Dinamita performed.

On Saturday the 26th, the “Carnivals closest to the Sun” were activated, with the carnival procession, which ran through Primera Constituente Street from Barrio La Dolorosa to Brasil Street, where national and international tourists enjoyed the artistic display of dances and artists such as: Manolo and Proyecto Coraza.

Likewise, in the Plaza Alfaro de Riobamba, the fair “Chimborazo Emprende Towards Change” carnival 2022 was held, with an artistic show, promoting local consumption, in which about 40 entrepreneurs and producers participated, in addition an artistic show was held with the Orchestra Los Titos and Kabala del Ecuador.

At night, the concert of the “Carnivals closest to the Sun” took place on the esplanade of the Quinta Macají, with full capacity, people enjoyed the show by Danny Osorio, Daniel Calderón with Los Gigantes del Vallenato and Américo.

On Sunday the carnivals continued in the Guayaquil Park in Alausí, with the presentation of Karina Caiza, Mariela Condo and Gerardo Morán. In Chambo, it was the turn of Tropicalisima, Mabe Silva and La Toquilla. For their part, in Penipe, the Cumbancheros encouraged everyone present.

In Guamote, the carnival party was lived with castles that all citizens enjoyed. On Monday, the celebrations continued in Guano with the Ecumbiando orchestra, finally in Colta the carnivals were activated with community choirs.

National and foreign tourists were part of the traditions, culture and shows demonstrating the carnival spirit of all Chimboracenses and reactivating the economy of all sectors of the province.