Road maintenance in the Multitud parish of the Alausí canton improves the mobilization of its inhabitants

The Chimborazo Prefecture carried out maintenance, cleaning, grading and ballasting the critical parts of the internal roads of the Multitud parish, belonging to the Alausí canton, which were in poor condition, affecting vehicular traffic.

The first section corresponds to an intervention of 23 km in length, which includes from the hacienda “El Carmen”, “Las Rocas” and “La Esperanza”; the works carried out were road maintenance and ballasting.

The other section intervened was from the La Libertad sector to Piñampungo, with a distance of 6 km, benefiting more than 2,500 inhabitants, most of them farmers.

“Today we can make the dream of the inhabitants of this area come true (…) by working to meet the needs of the people of Chimboraca,” said Marco Paguay, Provincial Government Public Works technician.

The communities that benefit from these works are: El Carmen, La Esperanza, El Corcovado, El Frondoso, La Libertad, La Matriz, San Juan de los Andes, Las Rocas, Sural and Piñampungo.

“Our roads were in terrible condition due to the strong winter season that affected this part of the province and we could not transport our products to the main markets of the country (…) now we can see the difference with the intervention of the machinery of the Provincial Government ”, Said Nicolás Orozco, president of the Multitud parish GAD. These roads are a fundamental link at the provincial level, since they link the Alausí canton with Pallatanga and Cumandá.