Road maintenance in Valparaíso, Guano canton, benefits more than 500 families

More than 500 families from the Valparaíso parish, belonging to the Guano canton, benefit from the road maintenance work carried out by the Chimborazo Prefecture in this area, where most of its inhabitants are dedicated to agriculture and livestock, as the main activity economical.

The intervention includes the integral cleaning of the road and the grazing, in a length of 10 kilometers, facilitating vehicular traffic that transports the products of the area and the mobility of the inhabitants.

“We are working in the San José de Igualata and La Esperanza communities, with the purpose of providing roads in optimal conditions that benefit the inhabitants of this area, who are dedicated to the production of potatoes, broad beans, among others (…) we are in the top of Guano, with the complete road equipment because most of the road is in poor condition, “said Thalía Espinoza, a Provincial Government Public Works technician.

For his part, Saúl Rodríguez, resident of the La Esperanza community, acknowledged that before the road was never serviced and remained in terrible condition, “today the machinery is working in this place (…) we are grateful, because now we will be able to get our products without problems, “he said.

This area is located close to 4,000 meters above sea level, so the work carried out will improve the quality of life for all families.

“For farmers and people who live in the countryside, the best they can give us is a road in good condition, because we can move to our properties without any problem,” said William Orozco, a resident of the parish.