Machinery of the Provincial Government will begin work in the Cumandá canton

Technicians from the Chimborazo prefecture examine the Cumandá canton to socialize with the officials of the municipality, the road maintenance works to be carried out in this area.
After the visit to the territory, Roberth Ríos, Planning Director of the Provincial Government, explained that some roads are partially damaged by the strong winter storm, however, the intervention is planned in an articulated manner. “In Cumandá, the prefecture has always prioritized road work and we will continue to provide the necessary support.”
One of the roads that will be attended to immediately is the one that joins Cumandá- Buenos Aires – La Isla, here integral road maintenance works will be carried out, mainly patching. In addition, work will be done on the replacement of the bridge in La Victoria – Guallanag, the paving of the La Dolorosa sector on the La Victoria road and the total rehabilitation of the “La Cruz del Hueso” bridge that connects the Chimborazo and Bolívar provinces.
According to Washington Navarro, Director of Public Works of the Provincial Government, the resources for road maintenance in this canton are assigned and carried out according to the established planning, however, the care of road emergencies at the provincial level has been prioritized.
“The prefecture acquired machinery despite the economic crisis, so today we can meet the needs in the road sector without any problem,” said the official.
On his part, Guido Vaca, deputy mayor of Cumandá, after the visit of the provincial government technicians, stated that joint actions have been achieved in the territory for evaluation and immediate attention in some cases.
“We are going to work together so that our population has first-rate roads and can travel without any problem,” said the council’s authority.
The visit culminated in a work meeting, in which the extension of the emergency road maintenance agreement was agreed until December, in order to overcome any inconvenience in a timely manner.