Machinery of the provincial government works in the road maintenance of the Guano canton

In compliance with the technical planning established by the Chimborazo Prefecture Public Works Directorate, road maintenance work began in neighborhoods of the Guano canton, which are carried out in coordination with the cantonal GAD and neighborhood representatives.


In the first intervention, the 1 km road improvement and maintenance works are carried out in the Ela neighborhood, Matriz parish, benefiting 300 families from 6 neighborhoods in this area.


“In this canton it is planned to intervene 14 km in the Ela, La Merced, Alacao neighborhoods and in the Langos communities, thus benefiting 1,200 families,” said Thalía Espinoza, a Provincial Government Public Works technician.


For his part, Medardo Medina, resident of the Ela community, Cantón Guano, stated that the works will improve mobility in the sectors. “It is necessary to take into account that with roads the towns advance, the products go to the market, the agricultural activity improves, the economy rises, this work is an advance for our people,” he said.


In these areas vehicular traffic almost impossible due to the conditions in which they were.


“No vehicle wanted to go up because the road that was damaged, in this sector we planted potatoes, corn, peas and we could not get them to the markets, it was very complicated,” said Angelita Saigua, beneficiary of the Ela neighborhood.