Increased agricultural production with strengthened irrigation canals

The Prefecture of Chimborazo delivered construction materials for the lining of the canals of the San Clemente irrigation boards, Durasnal sector and the Cubijíes matrix, in the Riobamba canton, among which are: washed sand, crushed gravel and 1,296 quintals of cement .

More than a kilometer will be lined with irrigation canals, exceeding the 350 beneficiary families that are dedicated to agriculture; In this way, the flow of irrigation water, which reaches each of the plots, is improved.

“With the purpose of improving agricultural production, we have delivered construction materials, now with technical advice from the Provincial Government, the residents will be able to work on the cladding (…) the materials that are being used guarantee greater durability,” said Luis Vizuete, technician of Irrigation of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.

For his part, Francisco Yumisaca, president of the San Clemente irrigation board, recognized the management carried out by the institution in each of the systems to improve the distribution of water in productive land. “I don’t even want to remember what the ditches were like before, now having these channels is one of the joys for all farmers (…) we will have a greater amount of irrigation water in each of our little plots of land and it will arrive in less time,” he said. .

Users have had to wait for decades for these works to be completed. “We are grateful for the help that the Prefect of Chimborazo gives us to the farmers and that he continues with more works for the entire province” concluded Nancy Quishpillo, beneficiary.