Medical brigade of the Provincial Patronage serves vulnerable people in the Guntús community, Químiag

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board attended to vulnerable groups in the medical specialties of obstetrics and dentistry, and free medicine was also provided.

The medical brigade made up of Luis Naranjo, dentist, and Katherine Sánchez, obstetrician, professionals from the Health Center type “B” of the Provincial Board, and Cristian Uquillas, nursing assistant, provided assistance to children and the elderly from the Guntús community.

The Obstetrician performed evaluations of the patients and identified complications of the urinary tract, vaginal infections typical of women and cases of menopause in all patients. Recommendations for its treatment and aftercare were indicated. While the dentist, Luis Naranjo, performed several dental extractions, placement of sealants, prophylaxis and preventive dentistry.

Lorena Caguana, mother of the Guntús community, expressed her gratitude for the presence of the medical brigade, “a very good care from the doctors, therefore our thanks to Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, who is supporting us , and thank you for the care and medicines that they give us free of charge, ”he said.

“God pay you for having taken care of us, especially the elderly; We hope that they will continue to help us, that it is not the first or the last time they visit us, ”said Carmen Amelia Lliquín, a farmer from the rural area, who felt very satisfied with the presence of the doctors from the Prefecture of Chimborazo in this community.