Medical Brigade of the Provincial Trust provides specialized care and delivers free medicines in Verdepamba

The elderly, children and adolescents of the Verdepamba community, Químiag parish of Riobamba canton, received care and medicines totally free through the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board. The medical brigade goes to the territory, after a request from community leaders and parochial authorities, who provide the facilities for the installation and operation of the Mobile Health Unit.

Santiago Pazán, a doctor, treated the vulnerable population in general medicine, diagnosing problems of rheumatoid arthritis, low back pain, genital infections and parasitosis. And because of this, nutritional supplements, anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic pain relievers, as well as antibiotics were delivered.

Similarly, the intravenous application of multivitamins was carried out for vulnerable patients. Meanwhile, the dentist, Luis Naranjo, performed several dental extractions and dressings, delivering recommendations on preventive measures to the patients attended.

Lidia Colcha, a farmer from Verdepamba, indicated that “the arrival of the doctors from the Provincial Board is a great help, because they directly attend to the community, sometimes there is no money for tickets, to go to the Health Center, to be treated, I am very grateful to the doctors for that, because they approach the people, God pay him, Mr. Prefect ”.

María Vilema, mother of the family, explained that the arrival of the Medical Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees has been very important, because due to the pandemic they cannot leave their homes, “we are very satisfied with the work of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect from Chimborazo, everything has been totally free, thus saving us expenses when we have to go out to the city ”, he said.