Ricardo Córdova, director of the Provincial Board of the Chimborazo Prefecture announced that there is a purpose to reinforce all the medical and social services that they provide to citizens.

He highlighted that through agreements with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES), in the different inter-institutional projects such as Progressive Eradication of Child Labor, Child Development Centers, and Comprehensive Care for the Elderly, the sectors are timely and efficiently attended priority of the province during the pandemic.

According to the Director, the services of the Type “B” Health Center will be progressively rehabilitated, in the case of: obstetrics, dentistry, general medicine, psychology, physiotherapy, social work and clinical laboratory.

“We are re-adjusting our spaces, we are redesigning our entire structure, in order to offer a better service, with all the new biosafety protocols, in the face of the new reality we are experiencing, so that citizens feel safe to attend the Board of Trustees,” Córdova said.

The Ministry of Public Health, ARCSA and ACESS certified and approved the operation of the Mobile Health Van, in order to carry out rapid tests for detection of Covid-19 to the officials of the Provincial Government, once the security, protection and protection protocols have been defined and applied. and hygiene.

“We abide by regulations, we do prevention exercises and service times every day, for medical care in optimal conditions and at low cost for those most in need,” concluded director Córdova.

Writing: Arturo Lara