Better agricultural production in Punín with irrigation and soil recovery projects

The Chimborazo Prefecture delivered 6 projects for lining the secondary irrigation and soil recovery canals, in the Punín parish of the Guano canton, with the aim of strengthening agricultural and livestock production in the lower, middle and upper areas of the communities of area.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, made the tour of the irrigation canal Corazón de Jesús, to formally deliver the lining works.

“From the Provincial Government we are willing to continue strengthening the productive structure of the province (…) today with the lining of channels and the delivery of materials for their construction, we optimize the water resource, allowing it to reach the lots much faster and more efficiently and plots, “said Cruz.

During the event, the soil clearing works in the 16 communities of the parish were detailed, recovering the productive areas that revitalize the economy of the sector.

“As well as today we can announce these works, we have also just carried out the clearing in Cacha benefiting 17 communities for free (…) we complemented with the delivery of vetch seeds and oats to recover the soil with organic fertilizer,” reported the prefect.

For his part, Diego Usca, representative of the beneficiaries of the Heart of Jesus Irrigation Project, acknowledged the permanent support of the Provincial Government. “Today is a historic date, because we have felt the management after years of oblivion (…) water is our engine that sustains the economy of our inhabitants,” he said.

The lining of the irrigation canal was executed in 6 intakes: Santa Bárbara, San Isidro, Chuipe, Corazón De Jesús, Tunshi Association and Capilla, intervening in 10,324 m, benefiting more than 1,000 families. The construction was carried out with the delivery of 703 m3 of washed sand, 1032 m3 of crushed rubble and 9826 quintals of cement.