Road improvement benefits the inhabitants of the Penipe canton

The prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with the Municipal GAD of Penipe, in order to improve the mobility of the inhabitants of the canton, carried out road improvement works on the Tablón – La Candelaria – Matus section, in a length of 2 km; from Penicucho to Nabuzo 2 km and in the third branch that includes from Nabuzo to Gabiñay a distance of 2.5 km.

A total of 6.5 km, was the intervention that was carried out with cleaning of the road, patching, laying, hydrating and compacting of material; The works lasted several weeks thanks to the road team of the Provincial Government. “Currently these roads are in good condition, this allows the inhabitants of these sectors to move around without any problem,” said Thalía Espinoza, a Chimborazo Prefecture Public Works technician.

Fanny Guayasamín, president of the Gabiñay community, belonging to the Matriz parish of the Penipe canton, recognized the work carried out in this area, benefiting the families of the Gabiñay, Shamanga, Penicucho and Nabuzo communities, who need to get their products out in order to market in the country’s markets, “we already needed this work, because when it is winter time it is impossible to travel on these roads (…) now with this intervention we have roads to move around without any problem,” explained the community leader.

For her part, Luz María Yuqui, a resident of the Gabiñay community, highlighted the support they receive from the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, taking into account that before it was difficult to walk more than 2 km to get to the main road and thus move to Penipe or Riobamba. . “Worse when we have to take or bring our food (…) today I am happy because the cars can now enter our community without any problem, it practically leaves us at the door,” she concluded.