Better living conditions for families in Chunchi parishes

A total of 46 kilometers were intervened at the level of road maintenance and improvement in the parishes Gonzol and Llagos, belonging to the Chunchi canton, by the Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Public Works, directly benefiting more than 3,000 inhabitants of the south of the province.

In the Llagos parish, work was completed in the Saguín Alto, Tablon, Juncal, Angas and Pachalá sectors, where 21 km of road maintenance, gutter cleaning and ballasting were carried out, benefiting about 1,500 inhabitants of this area, who are dedicated to dairy production; It should be noted that in this territory there is currently 80% progress in road works.

On the other hand, in Gonzol, work continues on 25 km in the communities of Cochapamba, Tuculay, Zunag, San Martín and the parish head, achieving the dream of more than 250 families dedicated to agriculture, livestock, poultry and tourism.

“The prefectural machinery is working in this canton for more than three months (…) so far we have served two parishes and we are going to continue working for the benefit of the inhabitants,” said Marco Paguay, Provincial Government Public Works technician.

Similar work is expected to be carried out at the Matrix, Capsol and Compud. “I want to thank the authorities of the prefecture for the road works that are being carried out in my canton (…) for us the roads are very important and it is the only source of development, to transport our products and continue inspecting the crops”, ended Joseph Franz, resident of the Chunchi