Better Irrigation Systems that strengthen agricultural production

The Prefecture of Chimborazo executes the coating works in the San Juan Zambrano Irrigation System, located in the San Juan parish of the Riobamba canton; This project consists of the intervention of 1.7 km, for which, 123 m3 of river sand, 126 m3 of gravel and 1,206 quintals of cement were delivered.

These works will improve the irrigation service for the users of this system, which corresponds to the San Francisco neighborhoods, the Larcapamba community, Rumicuz and Giltus, covering 67 hectares of land.

“With this coating we enhance the flow of water, technifying the speed of arrival and avoiding leaks (…) thanks to the support of the residents with the workforce and the technical assistance by the staff of the Chimborazo Prefecture,” said Luis Vizuete, technician of the General Directorate of Irrigation.

For his part, Klever Morocho, beneficiary, acknowledged that the economy of families engaged in agricultural and livestock production will be boosted, avoiding the migration of young people to other provinces.

“Together with all the beneficiaries, we are grateful to the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, which delivered all the materials for the construction of the lining of the irrigation canal, improving production for farmers,” said María Guamán, president of the Irrigation System.