Women’s Month is commemorated with more than 25 events

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, CARE Ecuador, TRÍAS and several women’s groups, made the official launch of the provincial agenda, in commemoration of “International Women’s Day”, which is celebrated on March 8.

More than 20 events such as: forums, fairs, awards, workshops, contests, among others, are located on the agenda of scheduled events. “This agenda in commemoration of Women’s Day starts tomorrow with the ‘Gender and Climate Change Forum’, to that, add 24 more actions generated throughout the month,” said Luis Falconí, General Coordinator of the Prefecture.

In addition, these institutions, together with social groups, have shown that the articulation allows setting medium and long-term objectives.

“In this short time, we have developed a discourse of unity, programmed projects as has been developed in this administration (…) these actions must be focused on service policies with attention that will allow closing that gap throughout the province,” Falconí narrowed it down.

During the event, the activity, date and place were detailed, in addition, for the first year, the Prefecture of Chimborazo has seen a joint effort that involves the physical and psychological health of Chimboracense women, through a social service; This was confirmed by Fernanda Yaulema, representative of the Chimborazo groups.

“We are present, articulating with the Provincial GAD, because we believe that public policy cannot be carried out behind a desk, but must be developed in the territory, with the voices of women and attending to the needs in each area (…) we have articulated with the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, the Health Van, which will provide comprehensive care to women in the territory with the support of technicians from the ‘Nosotros con Equidad’ Foundation of the Comprehensive Care Center, with psychology, legal advice and social monitoring ” said the activist.

For his part, Mario Mejía, representative of CARE, indicated that a cooperation agreement is maintained with the Provincial Government and the possibility of allying with other women’s organizations and groups, which allows the carrying out of activities that represent women, their work , gender equity, equality and social justice.

Victoria Mayancela, an activist from Chimborazo, expressed the importance of joining efforts to create new actions for the province. “We have joined forces to make this provincial proposal that will take place throughout the month of March (…) the objective is to promote a space for dialogue, where women are the main actors of this agenda, listen to their proposals and problems regarding the issue gender equity,” he said.

The provincial institution delivered the ordinance for the “Promotion, Promotion, Design and Implementation of Public Policies for Equality, Equity and Non-Discrimination of Women and Men in the province of Chimborazo”, in the Kichwa language, to the representatives of women’s groups.