MIES reaffirms the work articulated with the Provincial Board

The Chimborazo Prefecture, under the Provincial Board of Trustees, signed three inter-institutional agreements with the District Director of MIES, Gonzalo Rúales, in the modalities of care in CDI Child Development Centers, the elderly and the Progressive Eradication of Child Labor ETI, reaffirming the commitment to work together on the welfare of vulnerable groups in the province.

Gonzalo Rúales, District Director of the MIES in Chimborazo, expressed on behalf of the President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno and the Minister of Economic and Social Inclusion, Vicente Taiano, the will to work in a coordinated manner with the Provincial Board, through the delivery of resources economic welfare of these people (children, youth, older adults and single mothers).

“We hope to always count on joint and mutual support to be able to attend all those services that older adults, children and adolescents need. The motto of the President is social assistance, in this case we are fulfilling this institutional mission ”, Rúales said.

For his part, Vinicio Chávez, Director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, expressed deep gratitude to the District Director of MIES for having signed the agreements and indicated that, “in this way we fulfill the great commitment, to the work articulated between the Provincial Board of Trustees. and the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion in favor of vulnerable groups in the province ”.

He also added that the Provincial Board assumes these agreements with great responsibility to continue contributing to social work for the care of the elderly, providing care and protection to children in the eradication of ETI child labor, and logically, in the infants of the CDI Child Development Centers.