The prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz and the vice-prefect Carmen Gadbay delivered 2,000 native plants and 1,000 fruit plants, for the Daldal, Anguiñay, Puctus and parent communities of the Pungalá parish of the Riobamba canton, as part of the project “Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo ”, Which is carried out by the Environment Directorate of the Prefecture.

Among the native plants are alders and arupos, of which a part will serve to improve the decoration of the chapel of the Virgen de la Peña, which is very visited by national and foreign tourists.

Among the fruit plants delivered are lemon, mango and claudia.

In an event held in the central park of Pungalá, which was also attended by the president of the Pungalá Parish Council, Efraín Allaica, and the director of Environmental Management, Alfredo Chuquimarca, the prefect and the vice-prefect sponsored the planting of the first arupos together to the parish chapel.

Efraín Allaica, president of the Pungalá Parish Government said that as a result of the coordinated work that they have been developing with the Chimborazo Prefecture, it is their commitment to take care of the 18,000 hectares of water recharge that the parish has and that the plants they received contribute to that care.

Writing: Patricio Muñoz