Neighborhoods of Riobamba join the campaign “Siembra Por La Vida Chimborazo”

The campaign “Siembra Por La Vida Chimborazo” reached the San José de Chibunga and San José de El Batán neighborhoods, belonging to the Riobamba canton, where 1,900 native and fruit plants were delivered.

“Our objective is clear to recover our province of Chimborazo, with the planting of these plants, in the future, we will see the results and there we will realize that the planned work is evident, like this and many others”, indicated Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

The neighborhood leaders recognized the initiative of the campaign and assured that this type of action shows the commitment to take care of the province, however, they request other jobs according to the powers of the Provincial Government. The Prefect indicated that they will carry out the pertinent procedures to be able to work according to what can be fulfilled.

“We are always grateful for all the work that the Prefecture does in these neighborhoods, we see that the province is having another face (…) we ask you, Mr. Prefect, to continue with us because we recognize the management that you undertake,” said one of the leaders.

At the end of the event, the symbolic planting of cypress trees was carried out at the entrance to the San José de Chibunga neighborhood, for their part, the residents and leaders are committed to caring for the species.