The Board of Trustees of the Prefecture of Chimborazo achieved a positive rapprochement with executives of the NOBIS Foundation of the city of Guayaquil, with the aim of expanding the coverage of services in favor of vulnerable groups.

These approaches are part of the objective of the current administration of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, to work jointly with institutions and social organizations for the benefit of chimboracenses.

Lorena Rocero, director of the Board of Trustees of the Prefecture of Chimborazo and Fabián Cazar, head of projects exposed to Marcela Castro and José García, executives of the NOBIS Foundation the work and management that the institution fulfills in the 10 cantons and 45 rural parishes of the province , and the intention to maintain a close relationship with foundations that also seek family well-being.

“We try to join hands and efforts to continue serving the citizens, but the budget we manage for the province is limited to meet existing needs, so we look for people with a good heart who want to join, who have the same objectives than us, ”commented the Director.

On his side Marcela Castro, director of the NOBIS Foundation said that they will be ready to receive the profiles of projects in the areas in which the Provincial Board of Chimborazo is in need, at the time of congratulating on all the work that is carried out in the axis of Health.

Fundación Nobis contributes to the development of Ecuador through programs and projects in education for low-income youth, social enterprises and promoting social innovation, aligning with the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Drafting: Arturo Lara