New directive for the largest irrigation system in Chimborazo

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, together with several provincial authorities, attended the positioning of the new board of the Chambo-Guano Irrigation Board “JURECH”, which covers 12,300 user families from the Riobamba, Chambo and Guano cantons, strengthening agricultural production to 7,500 hectares.

“I congratulate the new board of directors that takes on this new challenge and extending my commitment to continue working for the benefit of farmers and ranchers in the sector,” said Cruz.
This is the largest irrigation system in the province and one of the most important at the national level, where the Provincial Government has carried out works at the level of canal lining, maintenance, delivery of materials, extension, among others.

“Working jointly with the authorities, especially with the Chimborazo Prefecture, is the most important thing (…) 10 years have been lost due to not paying attention to improvements and coatings of channels, now an arduous work has begun with good coordination and highlighting the good work that is being done ”, expressed Kléver Pérez, president of the Chambo-Guano General Board.

The act of possession was in charge of Paul Aucancela, head of the Riobamba technical office of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition; who are now in charge of the organization are:

  • Kléver Pérez, President
  • Julio Hernández, Vice President
  • Luis Gunsha, Secretary General
  • Manuela Guamán, Treasurer