New equipment to prevent damage to the Chambo – Guano irrigation system, Los Chingazos

Thanks to the committed work of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the General Directorate of Irrigation, it delivered equipment and machinery for the operators who work within the Chambo – Guano Los Chingazos Irrigation System.

The equipment includes: a chainsaw, two brushcutters, five water pumps, a hammer drill system and a motorized welding machine. In addition, at the intake of the irrigation system, the machinery operators were trained, so that the personnel can solve any emergency that may arise and thus prevent the thousands of user families from running out of water to irrigate their plots.

Alex Valente, Irrigation Technician of the Chimborazo Prefecture Irrigation Directorate, stated that the equipment is part of the renovation that is carried out in each space where the irrigation systems are monitored. “The current administration has achieved the acquisition of this equipment, which will improve the efficiency and operability of the irrigation systems,” he said.

He stressed that the water pumps, of different diameters, will help to release the water in an emergency more quickly; chainsaws will serve to prevent damage from trees or roots and trimmers will contribute to the daily cleaning of the lawn; The Provincial Government of Chimborazo reaffirms its commitment to the population, improving operations and services.