New leaders join the development of Chimborazo

In order to contribute to the construction of an equitable province with equal opportunities for all and to support training, occupational education based on socioeconomic progress; The Directorate of Social Management of the prefecture of Chimborazo, trains leaders in the different cantons, parishes and communities, through the School of Integral Rural Development of Inclusion and Interculturality and Gender.

On this occasion, 53 new leaders from the Pallatanga, Cumandá and Chambo cantons were incorporated; the act was carried out in the hall of the municipal GAD of Pallatanga; During the trainings, social, intercultural, human rights, women and gender issues were discussed; leadership, indigenous justice, agricultural production, entrepreneurship, among others.

Angélica López, graduated as a community leader from Chambo, highlighted the importance of these workshops that allow to acquire knowledge on relevant topics. “Being an agricultural and livestock area, we did not know how to take advantage of all these benefits (…) thanks to the school of leaders, today we can improve our production and maintain a sustainable economy for the inhabitants,” she said.

To date, 191 leaders have been incorporated in the 10 cantons of the province: 28 in Pallatanga, 15 in Cumandá, 10 in Chambo, 22 in Guamote, 14 in Alausí, 11 in Chunchi, 22 in Colta, 14 in Guano, 22 in Penipe and 33 in Riobamba.

“The most important thing is the will of the authorities to train people (…) a wise people will always be free and will be able to make their own decisions,” said Yadira Briones, representative of Pallatanga.

With the incorporation of new leaders in Pallatanga, the planning established for this year of the School of Comprehensive Rural Development (ESDRIG) was closed.