Road works in communities of the San Luis de Riobamba parish contributes to socioeconomic development

Machinery of the Prefecture of Chimborazo began with road maintenance and improvement works in the communities of the San Luis parish, belonging to the Riobamba canton.

The work began in the communities: Corazón de Jesús, with the intervention in a length of 3.4 km; In Monjas Tunshi, road improvement is carried out in 1.8 km.

“The roads in this area are in poor condition, so we are carrying out road improvement works with ballasting in critical parts, improving mobility for farmers who have to enter their land every day to take their products to the main markets. ”, Indicated Tatiana Orozco, Public Works technician of the Provincial Government.

The communities that will be intervened in this first phase are: Corazón de Jesús, Tunshi Nuns, Guaslán, Tiazo, Tejar, San Antonio and La Candelaria; It is planned to work on 12.4 km, benefiting more than 4,000 families living in this highly agricultural area.

For Segundo Guairacaja, resident of the Monjas Tunshi community, he assures that his quality of life will improve with the intervention carried out by the prefecture. “Before, I couldn’t go out to irrigate my plots because I had no where to walk, I was afraid of falling into the canal,” he said.

With better roads, the quality of life of the inhabitants of this parish changes, said Luis Tuquinga, a farmer from the Monjas Tunshi community, who also stressed that he could not take his products to sell. “The cars did not want to enter, the products were damaged when they were brought to market because they hit a lot and the losses were significant (…) it is a very productive area for that we are grateful,” he concluded.