Occupational therapy develops and encourages the elderly

The inter-institutional agreement with the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion allows the Provincial Board to provide care to 33 older adults with limited economic resources. In the My Best Times Unit, located in the Shobol Llinllín community, San Juan parish, Riobamba canton, as part of the Home Care Project for the Elderly, it has been possible to visualize the individual progress of each member of the third age. The head of the Unit, Karla Novillo Rodríguez, indicates that the activities have been focused on reducing levels of stress, depression, exercising memory, attention and coordination, muscle strengthening, endurance, flexibility and balance, helping to prevent cognitive impairment of the Elderly. With these tasks, it strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the elderly, of which 70% are women and 30% are men. In this community there is evidence of a work in coordination and planning with family members, maintaining contact, care and monitoring of patients