Older adult with physical disability receives support from the Prefecture of Chimborazo

After the Board of Trustees of the Prefecture of Chimborazo carried out the technical validation to Mr. Buenaventura Roldán Marcatoma, they proceeded to deliver a wheelchair, anti bedsore cushion, medications and vitamins to the elderly with limited economic resources with 65 years, who suffers from polyarthrosis and has 95% physical disability.

Isabel Maldonado, General Director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, and Carmen Domínguez, Social Worker, went to the “Emanuel II” neighborhood, belonging to the Licán parish of Riobamba canton to deliver the technical aids to the elderly.

“On behalf of the Prefect, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, receive this contribution with the purpose of improving your quality of life, your health and have greater well-being, hoping that it will be of much benefit,” said the Director of the Board.

“Thank you, Mr. Prefect, for helping my father, since due to his disability he could not travel anywhere, but now we are happy and happy, God bless him,” said Kléver Roldán, son of the beneficiary.

For his part, Mr. Buenaventura Roldán said he was very happy because the other wheelchair he was occupying was damaged and in poor condition.

“It no longer worked, it was damaged every so often, I moved with difficulty, now I am calm, I can walk outside my house comfortably; May God help the Provincial Prefect a lot, thank you for being with the poor ”, said the beneficiary.

The older adult presents a diagnosis with sequelae of poliomyelitis, according to the certificate of the general practitioner of the Type “B” Health Center of the Board of the H. Provincial Government of Chimborazo, Priscila Calva.