The Chimborazo Prefecture continues to work for the benefit of priority attention groups, through the delivery of food kits and supplies for protection and safety, disinfection and lime delivery in the 10 cantons of the province, as a response to face the health emergency by the Covid-19.

Attention to the most vulnerable people is also one of the priorities of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz; Thus, staff from the Provincial Board of Trustees came to the homes of older adults in Huigra, Alausí to verify the conditions in which they live.

Lorena Rocero, general director of Management of the Provincial Board of Trustees personally verified that two older adults, who are over 90 years old, are abandoned.

“It is really moving to observe the total poverty in which they live, so immediately, with the support of the Prefect, we will return with urgent help to make the existence of these human beings more bearable, who deserve a decent life,” said Rocero.

Part of the help with which the Chimborazo Prefecture Board of Trustees will attend to these two cases includes an anti-decubitus mattress, a wheelchair, health care and free medications.

Writing: Arturo Lara