Timely emergency care on the Trigoloma – Malpote road prevented residents from being cut off

Eight landslides of magnitude made it impossible for vehicles and people to pass through different agricultural and livestock communities located on the Trigoloma – Malpote –Tambillo road, belonging to Pallatanga; the instability is caused by the winter that saturates the slopes and later a series of collapses.

Faced with this emerging scenario, the Prefecture of Chimborazo moved its machinery to the affected site to dislodge the stone material, clean the entrance and exit of sewers, which for days prevented the exit of vehicles loaded with agricultural and dairy products.

“There is instability along the San Juan de Trigoloma – Cañi road, which joins the Pallatanga and Colta cantons, so it is necessary to carry out new technical studies to determine the quality and types of soil (…) find new alternatives so that the solutions are definitive”, indicated Juan Pablo Díaz, Public Works technician of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo.

For his part, José Morocho, coordinator of the Malpote – Chiriyacu area, acknowledged the work carried out by the institution. “It is a timely attention that is being given, sending machinery so that it can work in favor of hundreds of farmers and small ranchers,” he said.

Vehicles with milk and pumpkin production travel daily on this road, which are in the marketing season. With this intervention, the Prefecture of Chimborazo prevents thousands of families from being cut off from communication and slowing down their economic activities.