We planted 500 native plants on a stretch of the San Gerardo – Los Elenes highway in the Guano canton as part of the “Sow for Life Chimborazo” campaign led by the Provincial Government, recovering a space that had been turned into a garbage dump.

Olga Arévalo, president of the Parish Government of San Gerardo thanked the predisposition of the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, which allowed the beginning of the first stage of reforestation in his parish.

“I have to thank Magister Juan Pablo Cruz, the director of Environmental Management Edison Campos and all his technicians who have made possible for the first time, the reforestation in my parish (…) with this plantation we will recover this space,” said the parish authority

In addition, recognition was made by the Parish Government to the Prefecture of Chimborazo and other institutions that contribute to the care of the environment through the delivery of native and fruit plants.

As part of the event, an ancestral ceremony was held jointly with the students of the Educational Unit of the place, National Police, delegates of the municipality of Guano and various social actors of the parish.

Drafting: Patricio Muñoz