Sheep of improved breed help in family economy of Tixán parish communities

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the project, “Socio-Economic Strengthening of the Families of the Priority Groups” of the Provincial Board, in the year 2021, fulfilled the delivery of sheep of the improved breed of the 4M line, to families belonging to the Pachagsí and Pachamama Chico communities of the Tixán parish in the Alausí canton.

We proceeded with the distribution of a total of 250 heads of sheep (one male and one female) for 125 beneficiaries of Tixán; 75 in Pachamama Chico and 50 in Pachagsí. Raúl Cuvi, José Carrasco and Aurelio Espinoza, technicians from the patronage, carried out permanent monitoring, providing technical assistance and training.

Aurelio Espinoza, responsible for the productive socio-economic project, explained that, on a permanent basis, the verification of the conditions of the 250 sheep delivered to the families of the priority attention groups was carried out, with the purpose of reinforcing the environment where they live, as well as such as due hygiene and health standards; He highlighted the work of the local management committees, formed to monitor, control and provide sustainability to the sheep project, which has been fundamental, during the joint tasks with the technicians of the Provincial Board.

He added that the objective of the improved breed sheep project is to take advantage of the fiber, (in this case the wool), for the subsequent artisanal production of clothing, and also to obtain economic benefits with the reproduction of the livestock, the same that can be traded on the market.

The commitment to strengthen and update the knowledge of the families of the vulnerable groups of Tixán, proceeded with permanent training on care and technical management, “it was recommended that they have adequate and safe spaces for the raising and maintenance of sheep” Spinoza pointed out.