Provincial Board of Trustees socializes pig project in Cumandá

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with the Provincial Board of Trustees, socialized the project of “Socio-Economic Strengthening of the families of the Priority Attention Groups” in Cumandá, where it delivered 115 improved breed piglets for the benefit of vulnerable groups and also conducted training and provided technical assistance for the families of this project.

Aurelio Espinoza, responsible for the Project, held a working meeting with the leaders and residents of the Sacramento, Guagal, and Copalillo campuses of the Cumandá canton, where it was agreed to make a visit to the place of the suckling pig supplier, in the Multitud del Parish parish. Alausí canton, in order to verify the specimens, “the training has a lot to do with the care and handling of the piglets, so we are going to set delivery dates so that the families of the priority groups can improve in the social part and economic, since these specimens will serve as reproducers ”, he indicated.

He also added that, “the piglets are of an improved breed, they come for 10 weeks, so they are under a technical specification contemplation, in order to reproduce because the area is appropriate and optimal for pig production.” He also mentioned that the Prefecture of Chimborazo will help pig producers by delivering 1.6 quintals of feed for the animals.

On the other hand, Hilario Orozco, vice president of the Sacramento campus, said he was grateful to Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, for the support he is providing to get ahead in this time of economic crisis, “this project is of great help “Something meets the needs we have in this area.” Meanwhile, Jorge Cuenca, president of the Copalillo campus, said that the project is very good, “go ahead, Mr. Prefect because we need it, this benefits us as rural and poor people,” he said.