Two of the eight arches of permanent fumigation located in the entrances and key points of the province were destroyed by unknown persons, putting at risk the health of the chimboracenses, since the fact leads to the temporary suspension of the disinfection service of vehicles that come from neighboring provinces.

The disinfection arc installed in the Cumandá canton, entering Chimborazo from the province of Guayas, was affected by the cut of the sensor cables and the theft of the sprinklers.

Upon learning of the event, the prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz, ordered the mobilization of technical personnel to the sector to repair the arch, obtaining its immediate authorization, as this is one of the priority points of disinfection.

In the case of the disinfection point located in the Colta canton, the damage was greater, practically registering the total destruction of this fumigation system. The cause of the event is unknown since at that time there were no police and military personnel in the sector.

As in Cumandá, the technical staff of the Prefecture will repair the arch at the site, however, the service will not be paralyzed, since one of the institution’s fumigation crews will carry out this work on site until the problem is solved.

Alex Guilcapi, head of Risk Management of the Chimborazo Prefecture calls on the public to take care of the disinfection arches throughout the province, since the service they provide is of vital importance to control the spread of Covid-19 ´Coronavirus ´.

He recalled that the damage is not done to the institution but to all the chimboracenses, mainly to those who risk their lives on a daily basis in the first emergency line and in the transportation of products between provinces.

Writing: Patricio Castillo