As part of the “Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo” project carried out by the Environmental Management Directorate of the Chimborazo Prefecture, the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, delivered 13,600 native plants and 5,0000 fruit plants to the parishes and communities of Santa Fe de Galán, San Gerardo, La Providencia Valparaíso, San Andrés, Guanando, Chingazos Alto and Bajo, Langos San Alfonso and San Isidro de Patulú, from the Guano canton, with an investment of $ 20,700.

The Deputy Prefect, Carmen Gadbay, the Mayor of Guano, Raúl Cabrera, the Director of Environmental Management Alfredo Chuquimarca and the presidents of the Parish Governments of the canton also participated in the delivery.

Among the native plants, yagual, resimosa fino, guarango, myrtle, red alder were delivered, while the fruit plants were meyer lemon, avocado, peach, claudia, mango, taxo, blackberry and ubilla

As part of this delivery, an agreement for the conservation of natural resources and water sources was signed between the Honorable Provincial Government and the Municipality of Guano, which aims to establish responsibilities between these entities that promote the conservation of mixed forests and water springs for consumption of the population, contributing to the improvement of the water load and reducing threats to the community’s natural resources.

From the hands of the prefect Cruz, the attendees received the lunar calendar that is very essential for farmers to guide themselves in the times of planting and other agricultural activities.

Alfredo Chuquimarca, director of Environmental Management, affirmed that there are three main axes that this project has: increasing the vegetation cover of our parishes and cantons, improving air quality and conserving water resources. “If we plant trees, we capture the moisture from our environment and that will be deposited on the ground,” he stressed.

Mauro Zúñiga president of Valparaíso thanked the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz for the delivery, “since he is always thinking about the most distant parts, the poorest parts of whom we need the help of the authorities and with these plants our parish will improve because it is eminently fruit-bearing ”.

For his part, Rodrigo Ávalos, leader of Chingazo Alto said that “it is a very good work for the agricultural sector because the Chingazos, being fruit producers, help us one hundred percent for the economy of our homes, for that we thank you and hope that go ahead, Mr. Prefect ”.