Juan Pablo Cruz Prefect

Juan Pablo Cruz, the youngest Prefect of Ecuador

Juan Pablo Cruz Carrillo, was born in the city of Riobamba on December 9, 1983; at just 36 years old he is the youngest Prefect of Ecuador.

His extensive academic training, with third and fourth level degrees in the field of law has allowed him to hold important positions inside and outside the province, as legal advisor, legal assistant, evaluator, university professor and councilor of his hometown.

The affection of the people for their fruitful work during his period in the Riojan city council made him deserving of the appellation of “Councilor Friend”, in gratitude for the work deployed for the benefit of citizenship.

He is currently the Prefect of the province of Chimborazo and enjoys the affection of the inhabitants of the 45 parishes of the 10 cantons that make up the provincial territory, who call him “Taita Prefect”, as they feel represented in the Change project he leads The current provincial administration.