Prefect of Chimborazo received the investiture of “Doctor Honoris Causa” in Mexico

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, received the investiture of the degree of “Doctor Honoris Causa”, by the World Organization of Leaders (OMLID); recognition granted to the Supreme Indigenous Chiefs of Mexico and Foreigners, an act that took place in the State Park, Otomi Ceremonial Center (Supreme Council Hall) in the city of Toluca.

As part of the academic preparation of the Doctor of Legal Sciences, his approach was investigative, scientific-academic, with the viability of legal problems for the practice of use, customs and traditions of the indigenous peoples and nationalities of Chimborazo, Ecuador and America. .

During the event, Juan Pablo Cruz stressed the importance of being able to participate and witness the culture that Mexico and Ecuador have. “With immense pride, I give this recognition to my province of Chimborazo and the indigenous peoples that inhabit the 1,255 communities, the main reason for my service and management, focused on strengthening our interculturality and building an equitable society, abundant in opportunities. A vision aimed at discarding the social gap imposed for decades in our province”, he stressed.

Marco Antonio Ruiz, Doctor of Doctors from the World Organization of Leaders (OMLID), stressed the importance of being able to exchange the experiences of different cultures and traditions.

“This cultural legacy is unique, because, among us, there is no war of powers or levels, only the conservation of our own species, uses, customs and original people (…) we appreciate all your infinite support and wisdom, you are a person of example and educated, we embrace all the brothers of Ecuador and their communities, “he said.

In addition, as part of the agenda of activities in this country, Juan Pablo Cruz met with Mario Ramírez Chávez, Deputy Director of Regulatory Analysis and Public Policies of the National Human Rights Commission, to agree on the signing of a cooperation agreement between Mexico and Chimborazo; same that will contribute to the development of the indigenous peoples and nationalities of the province, in pursuit of compliance with their demands and rights from our territory.

“We have established a friendship between two sister peoples, with ancestral heritage such as Ecuador and Mexico (…) we are going to work together with the province of Chimborazo, later we will be visiting them to sign a collaboration agreement between the two institutions,” said Ramírez. In the solemn act, the prefect made the delivery of his last document “Ecuadorian constitutionalism between ordinary jurisdiction and indigenous justice”, to the representatives of the World Organization of Leaders (OMLID).